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Meet the man behind Marvel's unified film universe

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marvel avengers official 1020
marvel avengers official 1020

There's no doubt that both Marvel and DC's renewed focus on comic book movies over the last decade has been successful — movies from both companies have made money hand over first and have even garnered some critical acclaim. However, there's one big difference between the two: Marvel is rapidly building a cohesive movie universe across multiple films while recent DC films have not crossed over in the least. Wired has a look at how Marvel built up its universe and why the task might not be so easy for DC.

It helps that Marvel has Kevin Faige, a man described as the "architect" of Marvel's universe. He's been hard at work trying to tie the studio's films together since 2006, back before the first Iron Man film showed Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury following the credits as a hint towards a more cohesive Marvel film universe. Of course, DC recently announced a major move to tie its universe together — the next Superman film will feature Batman as well. We'l have to wait and see how well DC can build things out from there.