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CBS says talks with Time Warner Cable have 'gone badly off course'

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CBS logo (STOCK)
CBS logo (STOCK)

CBS has fired the latest salvo in the public relations war with Time Warner Cable, this time saying that the cable-TV provider is trying to negotiate terms that would restrict CBS' ability to do business with internet services, such as Netflix and Amazon.

Reuters reports that a CBS executive said today that the talks between the two companies have "gone badly off course" and accused TWC managers of trying to haggle their way into free content that Netflix and other internet services pay millions to distribute. Who knows how much of this is true. Both sides are flinging so much mud as they try to turn the public against the other.

The two sides are negotiating again

TWC responded to CBS' allegations in a statment: "We categorically deny that we are trying to keep CBS from doing business with any new entrant. Both our expired and proposed agreements with CBS place no restriction on their ability to sell all of their product to Netflix, Amazon, Intel or any other entity."

If TWC wants to continue retransmitting CBS' programming to its cable customers, it has to fork over more money. TWC has refused and the feud has left its subscribers without access to CBS shows, even on the internet, for the past week. Meanwhile, the blackout may be prompting viewers to turn to web piracy. The good news is Reuters confirmed that the two sides are once again at the bargaining table. The bad news is that if they don't reach a deal by Sunday, TWC customers won't have access to the PGA Championship scheduled for that day, so they had better start checking with friends and local bars to find an alternative.