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Roku set-top boxes can now play video directly from your iPhone

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Roku 3 top (765px)
Roku 3 top (765px)

It's not quite AirPlay, but for anyone that owns a Roku set-top box, beaming videos stored on your iPhone to the TV just got much easier. The company today pushed out an update to its iOS app that promises to let users enjoy their iPhone videos on a slew of compatible hardware including the Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku HD, Roku LT, and the Roku Streaming Stick. Roku already offers similar capabilities for music and photo content, so it's now rounding out the package with video. The company hasn't yet fully detailed just what video is supported, so we've reached out for more details. (We've also asked when Android users can expect to see the feature.) If nothing else, you'll have an easier time throwing family movies from your phone onto the big screen. The latest update for Roku on iOS is available in the App Store.

Thanks, Tim!