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'The Star Wars' comics trailer reveals more characters from Lucas' original screenplay

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The Star Wars comic
The Star Wars comic

In April, Dark Horse Comics announced it was turning George Lucas' original Star Wars rough-draft sceenplay into an eight-issue series. On Thursday, we finally got a deeper look at what the new comics will have to offer thanks to a new book trailer. The comics, like the old screenplay, are called The Star Wars. And, surprisingly, Luke Skywalker — he's a general this go around — looks a lot like George Lucas, with a head of white hair and a matching beard, albeit a bit slimmer.

"Longer ago, in a galaxy even farther away...."

The trailer gives us a first look at Darth Vader and a young hero named Annikin Starkiller. And we finally see Han Solo, who in this galaxy is an alien that looks like Swamp Thing without the leaves and roots. While all this is radically different from the Star Wars movies that have grown into a multi-billion-dollar franchise, some things in The Star Wars do stay the same.

According to a USA Today report on the comics, Princess Leia still needs to be saved, and C-3PO and R2-D2 are still droids. To get a look at Luke, Leia, Annikin, Darth, and Han in The Star Wars, check out the trailer below. The new series will hit comic shops and on September 4th.