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New Nexus 7 suffering from faulty GPS, Google says it's investigating

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Google's new Nexus 7 may be a technological knockout for the price, but it seems buyers are running into an early hitch: faulty GPS performance. A rapidly growing number of complaints have been surfacing at XDA-Developers, Android Police, and Google's own discussion group in the days and weeks since the tablet launched. According to reports, after a brief period of time (which can be anywhere from two to 30 minutes) of working properly, the Nexus 7 suddenly loses its GPS signal and is unable to latch back on.

Not many folks use a tablet as their day-to-day navigation device, so such a problem could easily go unnoticed by most buyers. Google has acknowledged the reports and says its Android engineering team is investigating. That's good news, since despite their best efforts to find a workaround in the interim, users haven't yet produced a surefire solution. We've reached out to Google for further details and will update this story upon hearing back.

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