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YouTube debuts 360-degree controllable camera with live Kings of Leon concert this afternoon

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kings of leon
kings of leon

Kings of Leon fans who can't attend today's concert in London may still end up with the best seat in the house: the show will be livestreamed over YouTube, and a viewer-controllable 360-degree camera will be set right on stage. Beyond the dizzyingly intimate all-angles view of the band, the livestream will include a number of other traditional cameras to switch between, as well as a main feed that's being directed by Portlandia's Fred Armisen. The show will kick off Friday at 4PM ET (9PM local time).

Though livestreamed concerts may not be out of the ordinary nowadays, this is the first time that a 360-degree controllable camera has been brought to YouTube. Even so, Kings of Leon's use of the technology may not be able to one-up Beck's, which allowed viewers to look around in all directions by capturing their movements with a webcam.