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Twitter #Music iOS app aims to improve listening with top tracks, library scanning

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twitter music iphone
twitter music iphone

It's been almost four months since Twitter dove into music with its fittingly named Twitter #Music app. But after the major buzz it received at launch, Twitter's project quickly faded into App Store obscurity. Presently, it's nowhere to be seen on Apple's list of the top free iOS apps, which runs 200 selections deep. To give #Music a bit of a kick, Twitter is today updating the app with features that should bring better listening recommendations to the ears of its users. Now, rather than being forced to listen to whatever track Twitter sees fit by an artist, you'll be able to choose from their top tracks.

All music is derivative, as they say, and with this in mind Twitter now lets you easily see which musicians your favorite artists are following. Ideally that will help you find some other listening material. But to assist even further with providing relevant picks, the Twitter #Music app can now scan your iPhone music library to improve its results. And since international expansion can only help Twitter's chances at making a dent with #Music, it's now been localized for Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netharlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. You probably haven't opened the app in awhile, so even if it's a crowded market, now may be a good time to give Twitter's offering a second shot.