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Fall asleep to the sound of Wikipedia

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When one thinks of edits to Wikipedia, back and forth bickering and arguments over minutia generally come to mind. A project called Listen to Wikipedia offers a very different vibe, however, as it translates Wikipedia edits into soothing sounds and pleasant animations. Using the data provided by Wikipedia's recent changes feed, bells are used to convey additions, while string noises represent subtractions from articles. Higher pitched noises are for smaller edits, while larger edits are translated into lower pitched tones. Deep swells of sound accompany new users joining the service. All of the various noises work together in surprising harmony, creating a zen-like mood to go along with the furious edits being made to Wikipedia's database.

In addition to the soothing sounds, Listen to Wikipedia also displays circles of various colors and sizes that correspond to the size of edits and who made them. Since the project is using the globally available feed, two people listening to it at the same time will hear the same noises in unison, creating, in effect, a shared experience. It's interesting to think of how this system could be gamed or even played like an instrument: what kind of music would we hear if hundreds of users joined Wikipedia all at once or thousands of back and forth edits are made on a hotly contested topic?