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Target preparing to take on iTunes with 'Target Ticket' video-on-demand

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Target Ticket TechCrunch
Target Ticket TechCrunch

Sure, you can already rent and buy movies from a myriad of video-on-demand services, but that's not stopping Target from getting in the game. After several months of internal tests, the retailer is preparing to introduce Target Ticket to consumers. TechCrunch reports that company employees — who have been trialing the app since May — were recently told to expect a public launch "soon." In addition to iTunes and Amazon Instant Video, Target is also taking on Walmart's Vudu service with its new offering. Target Ticket reportedly boasts a catalog of some 15,000 titles including new releases, classic movies, and TV shows. As for pricing, it's largely in line with existing platforms; TechCrunch says "most" new movie purchases run $14.99, with rentals coming in between $3.99 and $4.99.

Target Ticket apps for iOS and Android have already been released to beta testers, and the retailer is also said to be planning a presence on game consoles and set-top boxes. Even so, at first blush there doesn't seem to be much helping Target stand out in a crowded field. Like Vudu, Target's digital storefront will be UltraViolet-compatible, so your purchases will be reflected across any UV-enabled devices and apps you use. That's a nice plus, and loyal Target shoppers will also see benefits; just as they do in store, REDcard holders will receive a slight discount on rentals and purchases from Target Ticket.