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Apple built many prototypes of 'something like Google Glass'

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tony fadell OTV watermarked
tony fadell OTV watermarked

During the heyday of the iPod, Apple experimented with a head-mounted device that was apparently just a bit like Google Glass. "I built a bunch of those prototypes," former Apple executive Tony Fadell, an instrumental figure in the development of the iPod, tells Co.Design. The idea, he says, was to make a wearable visor, "so it's like you're sitting in a theater." Though many prototypes were made, the project was ultimately abandoned so that Apple could focus on its current products.

"The craziest thing we talked about was something like Google Glass."

While Fadell compares the prototype to Glass, chances are good that the experiment was far from it. Fadell left Apple back in 2008, so the project may have been more related to the iPod than to a jump into augmented or virtual reality. Even so, it offers a rare peek into Apple's process of developing new products. Fadell also says that the company explored video cameras and remote controls, looking at them all with the mindset, "What else can we revolutionize?" Unfortunately for those hoping for the greatest universal remote ever made, Fadell says these projects largely weren't followed through with simply because "we didn't have time."