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Intel CEO promises sub-$100 tablets this holiday season

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Gallery Photo: Intel IDF stock 1020
Gallery Photo: Intel IDF stock 1020

Intel's new CEO Bryan Krzanich thinks that cheap tablets are the way forward, and they're going to be even cheaper than he's hinted before. Today at the 2013 Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco, he told the audience that Intel tablets will be available "at price points below $100" this holiday season.

Krzanich had previously said that touch screen laptop prices could drop below $200, and that tablets could dip below $150 when they go on sale this holiday, but under $100 we're beginning to talk about impulse-buy territory, where consumers can get a capable tablet for the price of an e-reader. Krzanich didn't say how capable those sub-$100 tablets might be or what their quality might be like — even at $379, we've seen Intel-powered tablets that were stinkers— but perhaps it could help cement Intel's position in the market, finally. He also didn't specify whether they would run Windows or Android. Intel can support both operating systems with its latest Atom silicon.