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Intel CEO says next-gen processors will improve battery life by 30 percent or more

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Gallery Photo: Intel IDF stock 1020
Gallery Photo: Intel IDF stock 1020

Intel's Haswell processors have finally made all-day laptop battery life a reality, and the company's next-generation chips will introduce even greater gains. On stage at Intel's IDF 2013 keynote, CEO Brian Krzanich revealed that Broadwell, the successor to its current Haswell processor line, will improve battery longevity by about a third. 14-nanometer processors — one of which was demoed live on stage as a reference design — are already exhibiting "30 percent power improvement" the CEO said. "And we're not done yet. That's only what we've tested so far," Krzanich said.

If his figures hold up, Broadwell will mark another impressive leap over Haswell after years of so-so longevity offered by Intel's older processors. Intel is clearly putting a focus on extending productivity, and the company is also looking to eliminate another minor inconvenience for users: fan noise. Krzanich showed off a fanless HP laptop, highlighting that the hardware's low wattage (4.5 watts) allowed it to operate without a need for a whirring fan. Intel is reportedly planning to ship its Broadwell family of processors in the second half of 2014.