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'American Psycho' television series may be coming to FX

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It's just a few weeks until Dexter wraps up its eight-season run, but a new serial killer could be coming along to entertain TV audiences: Patrick Bateman. Deadline reports that FX is currently developing a television series based upon American Psycho. The series is described as a drama that takes place in the present day, several decades after the events of the original Brett Easton Ellis novel (or the Christian Bale film, if you prefer). An older Bateman, still a serial killer himself, trains a protégé in what is described as a "sadistic social experiment."

American Psycho has been a controversial work since the novel was originally published, but its sense of sharp social satire feels particularly well-suited to modern-day cable television. Then again, on the surface the premise of the new series — which is being written by Stefan Jaworksi — veers uncomfortably close to the direct-to-video American Psycho 2, which starred a then-unknown Mila Kunis. We'll have to wait to see if the project makes it to air to learn if the new series can strike the right balance.