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Radiohead, whale sounds, and the 'vomit comet': Sandra Bullock's path to 'Gravity'

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Gravity (WARNER BROS.)
Gravity (WARNER BROS.)

With a stunning final trailer, huge festival buzz, and a burgeoning sense of Oscar momentum all in its favor, Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity is one of the most-anticipated movies left on the 2013 schedule. At the center of the film is a tour-de-force performance by Sandra Bullock — and it's a role she almost didn't take. The New York Times has an interview with the actor where she discusses how Cuarón came to her home in Texas to talk her into taking the role, and the different ways they had to shoot certain scenes. To learn how the production almost used a "vomit comet" airplane for production, or how Bullock used Radiohead to achieve her performance, check out the interview in its entirety.