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Google's Play Music All Access adds genre-based radio stations

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Google Play Music All Access Android (STOCK)
Google Play Music All Access Android (STOCK)

Roughly four months after launching its Google Play Music All Access service, Google is now letting subscribers create custom listening stations based on genre. It may come as a surprise, but somehow the Play Music app hadn't offered this feature before yesterday's update; users only had the option of starting stations based on an artist, song, or album. Thankfully now you can search for whatever style of music you're in the mood for, and genres are also subdivided into more specific categories (like '80s Hip-Hop, '00s Hip-Hop, etc.).

Google says that top songs along with new releases and featured playlists in each genre will be highlighted. It's admittedly a small addition — one that Play Music All Access really should have included from the start — but it's good news for anyone that has replaced Pandora or Stitcher with Google's young service. Apple's upcoming iTunes Radio, set to launch alongside iOS 7 September 18th, will also allow users to create stations based on genre.