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Amazon's next-gen Kindle Fire HD revealed in leaked photos

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Kindle Fire HD 2 (FROM BGR)
Kindle Fire HD 2 (FROM BGR)

There's little doubt that Amazon is preparing a new Kindle Fire HD to compete with the upgraded Nexus 7 and other smaller tablets, and now BGR has gotten its hands on what it claims are photos of the unreleased device. From the front, it looks just as you might expect — it's a landscape-oriented black rectangle with no identifying marks on the front, save its front-facing camera. BGR's sources unfortunately obscured most of the details on the back of the tablet, but you can see that the speakers have been moved to the top of the device, and the power and volume buttons now reside on the back rather than the sides.

Perhaps the most striking new design detail is the odd, angular design — it's quite a departure from the smooth curves that marked the original Kindle Fire HD, and most other tablets on the market. The pictures are reportedly of the 7-inch version of the Kindle Fire HD, though BGR claims that the 8.9-inch model will use a similar design. As for when this new tablet will be introduced, signs point to the end of September — like last year, the 7-inch model is expected to be available some weeks before the larger tablet hits the market. As for specs, the new Kindle Fire HD models are rumored to be quite powerful, with high-resolution screens, Qualcomm's Snapdragon 800 processor, and 2GB of RAM. If history is a guide, we should know Amazon's plans before long.