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Dell resurrects Venue brand for upcoming Windows 8.1 tablet

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Gallery Photo: Dell Venue tablet pictures
Gallery Photo: Dell Venue tablet pictures

Dell retired its Venue brand last year after a failed attempt to make waves in the smartphone market. But today the company has brought back the name, only this time it has nothing to do with phones. Instead, the new Venue is an 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet that will be aimed at consumers and enterprise customers alike. The company's most recent hardware has been marketed primarily to business users, so Dell's shift back to the consumer space is notable. VP Neil Hand showed off the tablet — which contains Intel's just-unveiled Bay Trail processor — today at IDF. Its 8-inch display comes at a resolution of 1080p and looked plenty sharp with good viewing angles in our brief hands-on time. Ideally it will also carry the CPU and battery life gains Intel is promising with its new chip.

The Venue charges over micro USB and includes an HDMI out port for your video mirroring needs. A microSD storage slot and docking port are also included, though concealed by a flap. Dell plans to share more details on October 2nd. Hopefully on that date we'll learn whether the new Venue can hit the $199 price tag Intel insists is possible thanks to Bay Trail. Asked by The Verge why it has chosen to resurrect the product name, Hand said brazenly, "The Venue is where things happen."