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Gogo's next-generation in-flight Wi-Fi to offer peak speeds of over 60Mbps

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Gallery Photo: Gogo ATG-4 internet tour
Gallery Photo: Gogo ATG-4 internet tour

Gogo today revealed that the next major revision of its in-flight Wi-Fi service will deliver peak speeds exceeding 60Mbps. It's called Gogo GTO (for "ground to orbit") and Virgin Airlines has signed on as the company's launch partner. The "next-generation" offering will debut in the second half of 2014, pairing existing satellite technology with Gogo's Air to Ground network. A satellite connection will handle data transmission to planes, with the ATG cellular network returning transmissions to the ground.

"By using this type of hybrid technology you're utilizing the low latency of ATG and the high throughput of current and future satellite technologies, which we feel will give passengers a much better user experience," said company CTO Anand Chari. Gogo also claims the antenna it's utilizing for the service will result in less drag for aircraft, reducing fuel burn and improving efficiency for airlines. Before it can roll out the faster speeds to travelers, Gogo will seek FCC approval of the new service in 2014. There's no word yet on what the company plans to charge for faster browsing in the sky.