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Google+ Hangouts on Air adds live Q&A for broadcasters

Google+ Hangouts on Air adds live Q&A for broadcasters

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Google has been steadily adding features to its Hangouts on Air product, slowly turning what began as a simple video chat app into a broadcasting service that has been used by the famous and the not-so-famous alike. The latest feature is a "Live Q&A" app, which accomplishes pretty much what you'd expect. Once you go on air, viewers can submit questions during your broadcast and also vote on each other's questions. As you yammer into your webcam, you can select questions you'd like to answer from a queue, then mark them as finished.

In our brief testing, the feature worked as advertised — though it does seem to require users be logged into Google+ in order to submit their questions. Though that requirement will annoy many, perhaps it will help keep the questions at a more civil level than what's to be found in YouTube comments.

As with all Hangouts on Air broadcasts, your video will be automatically archived to YouTube and the timestamps of each answered question will be automatically plugged into the video. Google says that it will be adding more broadcasting features to Hangouts soon — it recently introduced HD video, as well. Google has had some success getting high-profile people using Hangouts, including President Obama and NASA astronauts, and it's clear the company is serious about developing the product. Google says it's rolling out the feature over the next few days on the desktop, and Android users will be able to view — but not submit — questions.