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'Fez' and 'Mark of the Ninja' make Mac debuts in latest Humble Bundle

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fez screenshot
fez screenshot

The newest pay-what-you-want Humble Bundle is upon us; it's the ninth instalment focused on indie games, and it represents a Mac and Linux debut for some hugely acclaimed titles. You can name your price for acclaimed stealth-action game Mark of the Ninja, which was previously confined to the PC and Xbox 360, along with Trine 2: Complete Story, a beta of Eets Munchies, and Tim Schafer's heavy metal epic Brutal Legend.

Match the average price paid, however — it's currently at $4.56 — and you'll get Polytron's incomparable retro love letter Fez (above), which is on Mac and Linux for the first time, as well as the brilliant roguelike-inspired space sim FTL: Faster Than Light. All games run on PC, Mac, and Linux, your money can be divided between developers and the Child's Play charity however you want, and if you pay over $1 you'll get a Steam key that will add each title to your library. The Humble Indie Bundle 9 is available until September 23rd.