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Calendars 5: a full-featured planner inspired by iOS 7

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Can the new kid on the block take on Fantastical and Sunrise?

calendars 5
calendars 5

Since the dawn of the App Store, seemingly hundreds of calendar apps have launched, each with its own selling point. Agenda set out to own "list view," a chronological list of your events; Fantastical brought natural language processing to mobile, so typing "Dinner with Sam at 8 PM" created the corresponding event; and Sunrise added context to your events, displaying faces from LinkedIn, Facebook events, and Google Maps integration. Each app was built for a specific kind of person — no one app found a way to elegantly include day view, list view, week view, and month view, until now.

Calendars 5 by Readdle is a new app launching today that bundles information-dense day, week, list, and month views for power users, plus some tricks like natural language processing (a la Fantastical), direct Google Calendar support (so you can circumvent iOS' messy syncing implementation), and integration with iOS Reminders and Google Tasks (for your to-dos). The universal app for iPhone and iPad costs $4.99. An attention to detail makes Calendars 5 a solid experience, like the tiny arrow indicators that appear inside day view that show when events are off-screen. This tweak alone gives Calendars 5 an advantage over the day view in most other calendar apps.

Unlike market leaders Fantastical and Sunrise, Calendars 5 aims to please everyone — the user who wants month view, even though it looks a bit awkward, and the user who wants tasks management inside their list of events. Fantastical and Sunrise still have it beat on key features like natural language processing and list views, but for users simply looking for a multi-faceted, well-rounded planner to replace the iOS Calendar, Calendars 5 is an excellent choice.