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Google adds 360-degree imagery of Galapagos Islands to Street View

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Galapagos Islands street view
Galapagos Islands street view

Over the last few months, Google has added plenty of stunning tours of world-famous locales and buildings to Street View. But today the company is offering up one of its best yet. Coinciding with the 178th anniversary of Darwin’s discovery of the Galapagos Islands, Google has added 360-degree images of the islands that let users retrace his historic trip. The imagery was captured back in May by Google's Street View Trekker, but only today are we getting to see the fruits of that visit. Google strapped the Trekker to a boat so it could capture this beautiful shoreline panorama. And a partnership with Catlin Seaview Survey allowed the company to place viewers right in the middle of a swimming pack of sea lions.


Along the journey you'll also find tortoises, marine iguanas, and Magnificent Frigatebirds. And the purpose of these images extend beyond pretty visuals; they're also being used for science. The Charles Darwin Foundation is calling on users to help identify plants and animals they see while exploring the 360-degree Street View. Google will be holding a Google+ Hangout to further discuss the latest Street View tour today at 9AM PT (12PM EST).