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Evernote updates Chrome web clipper with new features, Skitch markup, and sharing

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Evernote web clipper
Evernote web clipper

Evernote has been moving quickly to iterate on its web clipper for Google's Chrome browser, and today marks the introduction of a few features that should be appreciated by power users. But the web clipper has also been given a visual refresh with a tool panel that slides in from the right side of your Chrome window. Appearance aside, you'll notice two new options for clipping web content: Bookmark and Simplified. The former creates a new note that's basically a snippet of the page you're looking at (and its URL). Simplified on the other hand pares things down to basics. Evernote says it "strips the page of all distractions for easy reading and clean clipping."

Evernote is also bringing over some of Skitch's markup features to the web clipper. Shapes, arrows and text can all be overlaid on any page you’re viewing — a useful feature for pointing out a specific section or design element. And last of all, you can now share directly from the web clipper to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and plain old email.