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CBS and Amazon renew 'Under the Dome' streaming deal for season two

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Under the Dome still
Under the Dome still

Apparently CBS and Amazon have concluded that their streaming deal for season one of Under the Dome was a success, because they've just signed an identical arrangement for season two. Set to air on the network next summer, Amazon's Prime Instant Video users will again be able to watch new episodes four days after TV viewers. Amazon will also remain your only option for buying digital episodes of the Stephen King-produced series. The model CBS and Amazon have embraced — bringing streaming customers new episodes while a season is ongoing — has been a hit in the eyes of network CEO Leslie Moonves. "This is the way television should be,” he said after the renewal was announced. "You'll see every network try to replicate the model." It's proving successful on Amazon's end as well; Deadline reports that Under the Dome has been the most popular show among customers this summer, and the debut episode currently ranks as the most popular in Prime's history.