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Burberry gets early access to iPhone 5s to film runway show

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burberry iphone 5s
burberry iphone 5s

From the Gucci iPad cases to top executive hires, Apple’s relationship with luxury fashion brands has been gathering steam over the past few years. Now it’s getting even cozier with the announcement that Burberry will be using the as-yet-unreleased iPhone 5s to capture photos and video of its upcoming runway show. In a joint press release, Burberry chief creative officer Christopher Bailey said that "this collaboration celebrates our relationship and shared foundation in design and craftsmanship."

People have been shooting music videos and documentaries on Apple devices for years, so we aren’t surprised that Burberry is putting out promotional videos (teaser above) taken with the 5s, especially given its touted advancements. (Not to mention the luxurious gold option.) But it is interesting that Apple is overtly partnering with a brand like Burberry, going so far as to provide early access to its new devices. Those of us without top fashion brands will have to wait until September 20th for the actual release.

Update (9/17): Burberry has released a 15-minute video of its London, Spring/Summer fashion show shot entirely on the iPhone 5s. Though the phone certainly won't be replacing your DSLR full time, its results look good — at least within this controlled environment.