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Dell 'not getting in the mobile phone business' says CEO

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Dell Venue Pro stock
Dell Venue Pro stock

Michael Dell has said that the privatization of his company will "open an exciting new chapter" for Dell and its customers. But to be clear, that new chapter isn't going to include smartphones. Fresh off a successful shareholder vote, Michael Dell spoke to CNBC this morning and quickly rejected the notion that Dell — after an unsuccessful first try — has any plans to again compete with Apple and Samsung in the mobile space. "We're not getting in the mobile phone business," he said. Instead, he laid out five areas of focus for the company: enterprise, expanding sales capacity, emerging markets, PCs and tablets, and providing an "improved customer experience."

"It's really about changing our focus from a quarterly focus to more of a longer term, five-year, ten-year focus," said Dell's founder. He admitted that the months-long struggle with Carl Icahn over Dell's future caused "some distraction," but said employees "did a great job staying very focused." The CEO pledged his company will continue its aggressive push into enterprise services, but also promised new products designed for regular consumers. "Dell will participate in tablets and all sorts of client devices," he said. "This is the Dell that many of you are very, very familiar with, and you're going to see it in all its glory."