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New evidence hints a redesigned Google logo is coming after all

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Flat Google
Flat Google

Earlier this week, Ars Technica discovered a new, flatter Google logo in a beta build of Chrome for Android. At the time, sources told The Verge that the simplified branding, which drops the 3D bezeled look of Google's current logo, would not replace the company's traditional emblem. But new evidence suggests that our sources may have been wrong. Some users are already seeing the new logo on Google's search homepage. A tipster has provided us with the below image.


Further, high resolution images of the branding can be found on Google's own servers alongside its current logo. This goes against the explanation from our sources, which suggested the 2D look was to be used only in low-visibility scenarios where Google's traditional logo wouldn't display well. We've once again reached out to Google for confirmation on a potential company-wide logo change and will update this article when the company responds. The current logo most users continue to see can be found below for easy comparison.

Update: In a statement, Google tells The Verge, "We are constantly running experiments on the look and functionality of search — this includes the logo."