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Twitter #Music becomes more useful with its own Spotify app

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Twitter #Music Spotify app (STOCK)
Twitter #Music Spotify app (STOCK)

After a launch with plenty of buzz, Twitter #Music got awful quiet. There are a number of reasons for this, but the service may have just become a whole lot more useful. Twitter launched its own app for Spotify yesterday, meaning that you can use essentially the entire Twitter #Music interface within the Spotify desktop app. The reason why it's a real boon for the new music discovery service, however, is that all Spotify members (even those with free subscriptions) can now find and listen to entire tracks using Twitter #Music. (Previously, only paid Spotify and Rdio users could stream.) And since it's built into Spotify, listening to songs and adding playlists is much faster. Otherwise, it's largely an exact port of the web version, meaning there are five different "charts" that highlight music people are talking about. You can also chose different genres to explore. Unfortunately, one of the service's other major problems — namely, that it focuses almost entirely on data and algorithms, not on the individuals you follow on Twitter — remains an issue, but the new app for Spotify is certainly a step in the right direction.