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J.J leaves 'Star Trek,' Voyager leaves solar system, skyscraper leaves skyline: 90 Seconds on the Verge

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She was very cautious as she headed to work. This was no typical Friday.

"Meow," said the black cat that crossed her path.

"I'm working here!" said the construction worker whose ladder she walked under.

"Get your mirror out of my apartment!" said the woman throwing her ex-boyfriend's stuff out the window.

"Check out my new umbrella," said the man opening up his umbrella in the lobby of her office.

She made it to her desk safely. A grin grew on her face as she reveled in her accomplishment. Just to be safe, she threw one handful of salt over her was pepper. She grabbed the wrong.

"Uh oh..." said the woman.

Stories of the day:

Written by Nathan Cykiert. Video and Production by Christian Mazza.