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BlackBerry could be torn apart as potential buyers weigh their options

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BlackBerry logo CES stock (1020)
BlackBerry logo CES stock (1020)

BlackBerry is looking for a buyer, but it appears that buyers are interested most in stripping the struggling cellphone maker for parts. Reuters reports that a number of potential bidders have been eyeing BlackBerry's operating system as well as the patents around its famous keyboards, but not the company as a whole. Selling portions of its business is reportedly an option that BlackBery is willing to consider too, as it looks for a quick sale. But while this may be the mindset of most potential buyers that Reuters has talked to, it does note that at least two parties have considered teaming up to buy the company outright.

BlackBerry is reportedly hoping to sell itself off as soon as November. Though it's been struggling of late to gain traction against iOS and Android, BlackBerry has remained stronger in emerging markets and is reportedly still worth over $5.4 billion. According to Reuters, some Asian hardware makers that had first been considering a bid have since backed away from the possibility. And whether a deal will happen still appears to be up in the air. Firms have apparently looked at BlackBerry for over two years now without figuring out how to make a deal — but BlackBerry's options could be limited as its marketshare continues to dwindle, and the company appears to be seriously considering offloading itself this time around.