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A film critic struggles with her aversion to horror movies

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insidious: chapter 2 (PUBLICITY STILL - FILM DISTRICT)
insidious: chapter 2 (PUBLICITY STILL - FILM DISTRICT)

In The Washington Post, film critic Stephanie Merry takes on her biggest professional problem: she can't stand horror movies. As films like Insidious and The Conjuring win at the box office, Meyer is left to wonder why the films repel her so powerfully and appeal so much to others. “The going theory is that these are fears that we have, and that what horror movies allow us to do is to either come to terms with them or to overcome them,” says one psychologist quoted in the piece. Merry's problems with the genre may be even simpler: like many moviegoers, she describes being turned off by Saw and the genre's subsequent shift to so-called "torture porn."