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A Cold War mansion, 26 feet beneath Las Vegas

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las vegas bunker home (LAS VEGAS SUN)
las vegas bunker home (LAS VEGAS SUN)

At 3970 Spencer St., 26 feet underneath a suburban neighborhood just off the Las Vegas Strip, exists a home like no other. This '70s-era bomb shelter also happens to be a 16,000 square-foot underground estate, complete with backyard, trees (made of plastic), pool, jacuzzi, AstroTurf, a full kitchen, "outdoor" water well, wet bar, and fireplace. The three bedroom home is "self-sustaining," said realtor Winston King, and has lighting systems that reflect the time of day.

The odd abode cost its owner, an Avon executive, approximately $10 million to build back in the'70s, but sold for $2 million back in 2005. The home was subsequently foreclosed on last summer, and now appears to be up for sale, according to real estate site Zillow. The saying goes "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," but what about what happens underneath Vegas? For a cool $1.7 million, you can find out.