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Box launching Notes word processor to close the gap with Google Drive

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box notes
box notes

Box is unveiling an online word processor called Box Notes, in a move that could help to put the cloud storage service's features closer on par with that of Google Drive. Though it's just getting started, it appears that Box Notes should have a fairly mature feature set right out the gate, including collaborative and offline editing, version history, and mobile apps for iOS and Android. Box is accepting registrations for a beta test now, and The Next Web reports that it intends to formally launch the service next year.

Though it offers free accounts to consumers, Box has been focused primarily on the enterprise market, with many of its more robust features reserved for paying members. With Box Notes, the service can help to differentiate itself from competitors like Dropbox — which only offers storage and syncing, and not productivity tools — while closing the gap between competitors like Google Drive, which offers a wealth of storage and a built-in productivity suite. Box hasn't said how Box Notes will fit into its existing pricing plans, but it could easily become a major incentive for potential buyers once it launches.