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Rockstar's iFruit app lets you customize 'Grand Theft Auto V' vehicles outside of the game

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Ahead of Grand Theft Auto V's release tomorrow, Rockstar Games has launched a companion app for the game on iOS. And while the name iFruit pokes fun at Cupertino some, this mobile app isn't merely a satirical attempt at promotion; it's tied directly to your GTA V experience on consoles. Users can remotely access Los Santos Customs — the game's vehicle customization shop — and choose new paint jobs, wheels, lights, window tints, spoilers, and more for their car. Internal upgrades to the engine, brakes, and suspension can also be performed.

All of your modifications will be waiting for you on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 the next time you visit your garage. You can even make customizations while playing, and you'll get an in-game call from a mechanic when those changes are ready. And of course, you can also reserve a custom license plate for the car you're driving around in GTA V.

But the deep integration doesn't stop there. iFruit also lets you train Chop, the Rottweiler that you'll interact with during Rockstar's epic tale. You'll be able to train and feed Chop, and a "happiness" meter helps you gauge how you're doing. Rockstar says Chop's happiness in the iFruit app will directly correlate with how he behaves in the console game, so making mistakes could cost you. There's no word yet on whether iFruit will make its way to Android — or Drones, as Rockstar refers to them in the game.

Update: Rockstar says it's "coming soon" for Android, Windows Phone, PlayStation Mobile, and PlayStation Vita.