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Go back in time with the original 'Grand Theft Auto'

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Grand Theft Auto V is launching tomorrow, and it's perhaps the best game in the series to date. But the franchise has a long history, and in a new video feature, The Guardian takes a look back at how the very first GTA was made. It includes interviews with a number of developers at DMA Design, which went on to become Rockstar North, discussing just how difficult the game was to build, thanks to technical issues and an inexperienced team. It's an interesting look back at just how far the series has come over the past 16 years, and you can check it out below.

And for an added dose of nostalgia, be sure to visit the game's original site, which is still live after all these years. You can use it to analyze the original maps for fictional locales like Liberty City and Vice City, which seem tiny by today's standards, as well as look at details for the very first lineup of pixelated cars. You can even download game demos and an audio clip of the game's director rapping (though getting the ancient audio file to play is another question). It's a great way to kill these last few excruciating hours before GTA V finally launches.