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Google is done selling the Nexus 4 in the US

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Gallery Photo: Google Nexus 4 pictures
Gallery Photo: Google Nexus 4 pictures

The Nexus 4's run in Google Play is now over. On Monday, Google's online storefront sold out of the 16GB version of the flagship phone in the US, and a trusted source with knowledge of the company's plans tells The Verge that this marks the end for the LG-built device. Google has no plans to bring it back in stock in any storage size. A few Nexus 4 handsets remain on sale through Google Play in other countries, but once those devices are sold, that'll be it. Last week, Google sold out of its remaining 8GB Nexus 4 inventory after a clearance price cut.

Google's decision to stop selling the Nexus 4 comes amid rumors that it and LG will team up for a follow up Nexus smartphone, possibly called the Nexus 5. In a video announcing the next major update to Android, version 4.4 KitKat, a Google employee was filmed holding up a new smartphone that features a horizontal Nexus logo much like the branding seen on the new Nexus 7. Last week, pictures of what might be a fully assembled Nexus 5 appeared in an FCC filing. With the Nexus 4 no longer being sold by Google in the US, updated hardware might not be too far off.