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'Insidious 3' moving forward after latest installment dominates at the box office

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insidious: chapter 2 (PUBLICITY STILL - FILM DISTRICT)
insidious: chapter 2 (PUBLICITY STILL - FILM DISTRICT)

Insidious: Chapter 2 may not have lived up to the original in our eyes, but it destroyed the competition at the box office this past weekend — and a third go-round is already in the works. Variety reports that Leigh Whannell, who wrote and appeared in the first two installments, has signed on to write the third film in the series. Chapter 2 opened in this US this past weekend to $41.1 million, a stunning improvement over the original, which grossed just north of $13 million during its opening weekend in 2011.

Chapter 2 ends with a clear set-up for a third entry, and with Whannell returning the next film will no doubt keep much of the same tone and feel as the rest of the series. One vital creative element that it appears won't be back, however, is director James Wan. The filmmaker — who also helmed The Conjuring earlier this year — is now shooting Fast & Furious 7, and recently told Moviefone that he has retired from the horror genre altogether.