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Perfect Weather for iPhone puts animated radar at your fingertips

Perfect Weather for iPhone puts animated radar at your fingertips

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Perfect Weather for iPhone
Perfect Weather for iPhone

There are countless weather apps for the iPhone (and with iOS 7, a legitimately great built-in app), but that hasn't stopped developers from coming up with new ways to tell you when it's going to rain. The latest of these ambitious apps is Perfect Weather, the newest creation from Contrast, formerly App Cubby. Perfect Weather makes bold claims right in its name, but is it the be-all end-all for weather apps?

Perfect Weather drops the traditional tabs at the bottom most iPhone apps use for navigation for a stacked card design, not unlike what's used in Apple's own Passbook app. Each card represents a different location, and all of the weather information for that location is contained within that card. Viewing the card will give you standard weather information: current temperature, current conditions, expected highs and lows, and chance of precipitation.

The app also provides a seven-day forecast and a visual line graph of the projected temperatures for the next 24 hours. You can tap on any specific point in the graph to see the exact temperature and chance of precipitation for a given point in time. Information for sunrise / sunset, barometric pressure, humidity, and other weather minutiae is a swipe away from the temperature graph.


While Perfect Weather provides a wealth of information in a pretty condensed view, it's real trick is the way it offers animated radar maps right in its main screen. Unlike most weather apps, which obscure radar information many levels deep, provided it's there at all, Perfect Weather puts it front and center. A swipe up collapses all of the other information for a better view of the map itself. There are two views for the radar: rain activity and cloud cover. The rain activity view can show the past 20 minutes or so of activity, while the cloud cover view offers about three hours of data. You can also adjust the transparency level of the radar information to get a better look at the exact locations where things are happening.

Perfect Weather for iPhone screenshots


Perfect Weather doesn't have the scarily accurate warnings of impending precipitation offered by Dark Sky or the beautiful imagery of Yahoo Weather. But it does provide a wealth of information in one simple screen that can help you plan hours or days ahead. It's also a well-designed app that's easy to navigate and doesn't require a lot of fuss to get to the information that matters the most. That alone makes it worth a look for anyone in the market for a weather app. Perfect Weather is available in the US iTunes App Store for $2.99 now.