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Legendary designer Peter Saville is redesigning Kanye West

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Blue Kanye
Blue Kanye

Legendary graphic designer Peter Saville is working on a new visual identity for Kanye West, according to Dezeen. Saville, who rose to fame as the designer of many album sleeves for Factory Records, says that he's been "looking at ways of writing 'Kanye West'... What does 'Kanye' and 'Kanye West' look like written down?" According to Saville, the collaboration is open-ended, rather than a single commission for a logo or specific artwork. "It's very casual."

Kanye West has made no secret of his love for design. The rapper, producer, and aspiring filmmaker commissioned renowned minimalist Claudio Silvestrin to design his Manhattan loft, paid Yves Behar to craft a custom chandelier, and owns several works by Maarten Baas. "He loves architecture and design," Saville tells Dezeen, "he'd get [the late Swiss architect] Le Corbusier to do a building for him if he could."