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Apple's first iPhone 5c ad melds plastic and pop

Apple's first iPhone 5c ad melds plastic and pop

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Apple is releasing its first TV commercial for the iPhone 5c, a simple, colorful spot that finds the smartphone's unapologetic plastic melting into place while Sleigh Bell's "Rill Rill" croons gently in the background. It's not one of the company's most exciting or energetic ads, focusing instead on highlighting the new phones' bright, glossy colors. If you followed along with Apple's keynote last Tuesday, the imagery should look familiar: it's the exact 30-second spot that was used to introduce the phone in the first place, but with a more energetic song over top of it this time around.

Unlike Apple's recent ads, the iPhone 5c's first spot doesn't mention features or apps at all. The ad centers entirely on highlighting how color options have come to the iPhone, with the commercial wrapping with the tagline, "For the colorful." Of course, outside of the operating system and color, there's little on the iPhone 5c that could be featured as new — it's nearly the same device as last year's iPhone 5 on the inside. Apple seems to be betting big on the iPhone 5c, though. Its homepage features the less-expensive phone front-and-center, it's the focus of the company's first ad, and it's the only device up for pre-orders right now — even if Apple won't say how well they're going.