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Electronic Arts appoints EA Sports VP Andrew Wilson as new CEO

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Gamescom 2012 Electronic Arts
Gamescom 2012 Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts has found a new CEO, and it's hiring from within: Andrew Wilson, vice president of EA Sports, has been promoted to lead the massive gaming publisher. Wilson steps into the chief executive role left open by John Riccitiello after the former CEO stepped down in March. Since then, executive chairman Larry Probst and EA's board have led a search for the company's next leader. "The rigorous search conducted by our Board included several talented executives from both outside the company and from within EA," writes Probst. "Andrew’s appointment is a clear demonstration of the deep bench of management talent at EA, and reflects our fundamental belief that EA is on track to become the global leader in interactive games and services."

And while EA chose not to pursue an outside hire, Wilson is the first executive from one of EA's internal studios to reach the CEO position. Probst — who will remain on as executive chairman — says this is proof of his "blend of creative skills and business acumen." Wilson is now tasked with instilling confidence in EA shareholders after a period of disappointing sales. He'll also have to mend the company's relationship with gamers after a botched SimCity launch.