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Seattle football fans crush Guinness loudness record with ear-splitting roar

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seahawks fans 12th man guinness record (philip robertson twitter)
seahawks fans 12th man guinness record (philip robertson twitter)

Seattle Seahawks fans are loud. So loud, in fact, that they’ve dethroned the fans of Turkish soccer club Galatasaray as the loudest in the world. At Sunday night’s CenturyLink Field game against the San Francisco 49ers, the cacaphony of cheering hit an ear-splitting 136.6 decibels — somewhere between the loudness of a thunderclap and a jet taking off at close range, and more than twice as powerful as the previous record of 131.76 decibels. Guinness judge Phil Robertson told the Seattle Times that he could feel his clipboard vibrating in his hand.

The Seattle crowd — the team’s so-called 12th man — is notoriously noisy but hit new heights on Sunday when the Seahawks shut down San Francisco’s offense yards from a successful touchdown in the third quarter. And lest there be any dispute about the title, it's possible that the noisiest part of the crowd went unmeasured: the sound engineer responsible was positioned at the opposite end of the field from the Seahawks’ end zone, putting the fans closest to the play more than 100 yards from the measuring equipment. "At that end it must have been incredible," said Robertson, before adding "there’s passionate people in soccer, but here you see veins bulging out of necks."