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Microsoft exploring 'hundreds' of Xbox TV show ideas, planning to announce new ones soon

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xbox tv
xbox tv

Microsoft revealed its ambitious plans earlier this year to offer interactive video content with the Xbox One. A live-action Halo TV series is one of the first examples of Microsoft's promised efforts, but the company appears to be working on a lot more. In an interview with Bloomberg, Microsoft Studios vice president Phil Spencer has revealed that the Xbox maker has "literally hundreds of ideas" for shows that they're incubating at the moment.

Details of the Xbox TV shows have been lacking so far, but Spencer says Microsoft "will have some new announcement for TV shows coming pretty soon." In a separate interview with Reuters, he calls the new TV shows "Nancy projects" as a reference to Nancy Tellem, the former CBS executive who now runs the new Xbox Entertainment Studios with over 150 employees. Spencer also reveals that sports is an important part of Microsoft's Xbox TV plans. "We’ll be expanding what we do in sports to bring more international sports into the mix."

Xbox One focused on TV and apps

Microsoft is now planning to launch its Xbox One console in 13 countries on November 22nd. Priced at $499 in the US, the console will allow gamers to move between applications and live TV streams instantly. Content can be streamed from the web or pulled directly through an HDMI connection, with the option to control a cable box and home theater. Microsoft's first commercial for the Xbox One focuses on its TV and interactive features, showcasing live TV, apps, and Skype calling.