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Moto X Developer Edition now on sale for $649.99, works with Verizon and GSM networks

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Moto X in hand (1024px)
Moto X in hand (1024px)

The Developer Edition of Motorola's Moto X is now available in two variants: one for Verizon Wireless, and the other for GSM networks worldwide. The $649.99 model that's compatible with Verizon's network is shipping now, but the GSM SKU won't go on sale until Friday. With a Google Play edition on the way, we're not sure who's going to opt for the $649.99 Developer Edition of Motorola's flagship. But with its unlocked bootloader, the Developer Edition may be the best way for Verizon Wireless subscribers to get custom software running on the device. It also offers a storage bump compared to the regular Verizon version, featuring 32GB instead of 16GB. And while you can't customize this model via Moto Maker, it does stand out thanks to its black front and white patterned rear casing — complete with "developer edition" printed on the back. If more battery is vital to your smartphone needs, Verizon's Droid Maxx has also received the same Developer Edition treatment and is similarly priced at $649.99.