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Google updates Chrome for iOS 7 with tweaked design and security fixes

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chrome ios update stock 1020
chrome ios update stock 1020

Apple may be Google's sworn rival in the smartphone market, but Mountain View isn't wasting time in updating its apps for iOS 7. A new version of Chrome released today adds full support for Apple's new OS. Aside from a slight icon tweak and new settings interface, little has changed from a design perspective. But under the hood, the Chrome for iOS introduces other benefits. Fullscreen performance has been improved on iPads on iOS 7, and Google says the update also includes several stability and security fixes.

Only a few days ago, the company improved voice search significantly in Chrome for iOS by adding support for pronouns. After asking something like, "Who is the president of the United States," users can follow up with additional queries like "who is his wife" or "how old is he?" Chrome is now smart enough to keep track of who or what you're referring to. Google is today reminding users of these this addition, along with other recent features like tighter integration with its other iOS apps and single sign-in support.