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Verizon Wireless says it will support the Nexus 7 'soon'

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Verizon stock 1020 1
Verizon stock 1020 1

Verizon Wireless will begin activating the Nexus 7 on its network "soon," according to a tweet from the carrier today. Looking to get ahead of a brewing controversy, Verizon has clarified that Google's tablet is currently undergoing testing for certification, echoing a statement it released yesterday evening. "We expect it to complete testing soon, then we'll work to make avail on our network," reads the tweet, which was posted from the official Verizon Wireless account rather than the company's support handle. Unfortunately the carrier isn't making any promises as to exactly when that will be.

That's doubly disappointing since the 4G Nexus 7 was announced alongside the regular model way back on July 24th; Verizon had nearly two months of lead time to have the device certified and ready for activation on its network.