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Good Deal: College students get Rdio Unlimited for $4.99 per month

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Rdio Good Deal
Rdio Good Deal

For most students, it makes more sense to pay for services like Spotify or Rdio rather than shell out for dozens of individual songs each month. But even the $9.99 monthly rate both companies normally charge can prove a bit much for undergrads. So Rdio is trying to sweeten the deal by cutting that fee in half; current college students can now sign up for an Rdio Unlimited account for just $4.99 per month. The offer, announced earlier this month, is valid in the US only and requires a valid .edu email address to redeem. There are other requirements, too. The $4.99 promotion is good for a maximum of four years (which makes sense if you're starting as a freshman), and a social security number is also required during the automated signup process if you want to save the $5.00.