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iOS 7, BlackBerry, and eternal life: 90 Seconds on The Verge

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If you plant a seed, you can grow a tree.

If you grow a tree, you can collect apples.

If you collect apples, you can make pie.

If you make pie, you can create a business.

If you create a business, you can work long hours.

If you work long hours, you can find yourself away from home.

If you are away from home, you can not clean the house.

If you don't clean the house, you can attract rodents.

If you attract rodents, you can find your house taken over by human-like mice.

If you find your house taken over by human-like mice, you can battle the mice army for control of your property.

If you battle the mouse army, you can die.

Planting seeds will lead to your inevitable death.

Stories of the day:

Written by Nathan Cykiert and Bryan Bishop. Video and Production by John Lagomarsino and Regina Dellea.