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Play this: 'Superhot' is an FPS and a bullet-time puzzler rolled into one addictive game

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With the launch hype of Grand Theft Auto V dying down, you might be ready for something a little different. Superhot is a free Unity title that takes the key game mechanic from the award-winning Braid and plugs it into a first-person shooter. The premise is simple: if you move, or even adjust your crosshair, time advances. Each level plays out like a puzzle: you need to dodge bullets, take out all the enemies, and pick up guns as they die to ensure you don't run out of ammo. Whether you compare it to Max Payne, The Matrix, or Braid, the fact remains that Superhot is a great game in its own right.

As testament to its quality, Superhot was greenlit for Steam in just five days — a new record. The developers behind the game, Blue Brick, say they're "very excited" about breaking the Steam Greenlight record, and are now focused on "[making] this game happen." Until a full Steam release happens, you can play the game on Mac, PC, and Linux.