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LG disguises its latest OLED TV as a framed painting

LG disguises its latest OLED TV as a framed painting


Samsung has the easel, LG has the canvas

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After finally putting its curved OLED television on sale earlier this year, LG has announced what it calls the world's "first wall-mountable 55-inch OLED TV." Although that's a very specific achievement, there's more to see here than an arbitrary milestone. The LG Gallery OLED TV is a large screen that's uniquely styled to resemble a painting. The bizarre aesthetics aren't for nothing, though, as LG has fitted the painting's "canvas" with stereo speakers, and embedded a pair of subwoofers within the frame as well. It's not clear what the tech behind the paper-thin speakers is, but LG has previously used 1mm-thick Piezo thin-film speakers from Kyocera in its OLED displays.

The 'canvas' hides ultra-thin stereo speakers

In keeping with the Gallery's style, LG is also including images from artists like van Gogh and Gauguin that can be set as a screensaver. The LG Gallery is the third OLED TV from the Korean manufacturer, which managed to beat its ever-present rival Samsung to market with the first OLED set. The pair have been experimenting with form factors to showcase new TV tech: Samsung very nearly stole the show with its easel UHDTV at CES, and LG's 4.3mm thick curved OLED was similarly received. We reached out to LG to find out more about the Gallery TV's pricing and release, but the company told us that it isn't ready to share either yet.